Can CBD help me study?

Can CBD help me study?

Staying up all hours studying is hard even for someone with naturally great focus, which is exactly no one these days. In our distraction-filled world, it’s almost impossible to study well and retain information no matter what time of day it is. It can be challenging to maintain concentration on homework due to competing demands, changing priorities, and constant cell phone alerts. It’s almost as if we’ve been wired to be distracted.

Even though studying at home or in a dorm room can be convenient and comfortable, some students find that they are less focused on their work when they are in the comfort of their own environment and may procrastinate by folding laundry or getting lost in a YouTube rabbit hole. Interruptions will present themselves and pull your attention away from your books no matter where you choose to study.

The thing that all these settings have in common is your own brain, so that’s what we have to work on. Willpower alone is rarely enough to keep you focused, so it helps to be armed with tools that can help you build smart study skills. How can you improve our focus so we can study better? Read on to find out if and how CBD can improve your ability to focus and concentrate, as well as which CBD products may be most useful.

How Does CBD Aid Studying?

The ECS, or endocannabinoid system, is intimately linked with cognitive function. It is activated in response to cannabidiol (CBD), a compound isolated from the hemp plant. The ECS is critical for healthy functioning of things like memory formation and the immune system. Continuous endocannabinoid production is a normal physiological process whether or not we choose to consume CBD products. The cannabinoids produced in the body are in a much smaller quantity than what’s available from supplementation, which is why CBD products have such a noticeable effect. Supplementing and supporting the body's natural endocannabinoids is an advantage of using CBD products.

Thanks to its interaction with the ECS, CBD can help you relax and concentrate by reducing the effects of stress and anxiety, and making it easier to ignore distractions. The ability to concentrate on a single task improves when the nervous system is soothed by the activation of the ECS. CBD has been shown to improve sleep quality and decrease inflammation, and both of these effects improve memory formation and speed of recall.

This all translates to being able to study more effectively in less time. You can learn new information more quickly and gain a deeper understanding with fewer repetitions of the material. And since you won’t have to spend all night cramming for exams, you can walk in more energetic and optimistic, and your test-taking skills will also improve.

What do the studies suggest?

The hippocampus receives more oxygenated bloodflow after a single dose of CBD than under normal circumstances, according to research published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology in 2020. The hippocampus is the area of the brain that processes memories. Participants' reaction times decreased as they completed various memory exercises as well.


Furthermore, a 2018 report by the National Institutes of Health suggested that CBD can aid with mental health and acuity in a number of ways. This study's findings that CBD supplements may encourage new neuron formation in the brain provide a possible explanation for CBD's ability to alleviate fleeting feelings of anxiety, depression, and inability to focus for extended periods of time.

CBD is ideal for memory formation.

In addition to helping with concentration, CBD has been demonstrated to boost memory formation and recall accuracy as well. CBD use is associated with enhanced "attention, executive function, working memory, and episodic memory," according to a meta-analysis of clinical trials published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

Products High in Cannabidiol (CBD) That Help With Concentration

Anyone looking for support in their focus and study sessions can now quickly and easily locate a CBD product that meets their specific requirements. While all of our CBD oil and gummies contain 500-1000mg of CBD per dose, we recommend the Focus CBD oil and Sleep CBD gummies for the most effective study tactics. Our Focus blend is a nano infusion that includes high quality fish oil and bioavailable magnesium for optimal brain health. Our Sleep gummies include a hint of melatonin to support deeper restorative sleep, which is when new information is consolidated into memories.