Performance Oil Pack
Performance Oil Pack
Performance Oil Pack
Performance Oil Pack
Performance Oil Pack

Performance Oil Pack

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CBD: 1000mg
Per Serving: 33.33 mg per dose

The highest praised CBD product on the market. Our award-winning CBD Oil kit is specifically designed to give you all the benefits of CBD from dusk to dawn. Comes with our famous Focus, Sleep, and Energy. As with all of our products, this product is THC-free.


Hawaiian inspired wellness. Straight to your door.

Simple and fresh

Ingredients from the earth. Balance for your body and mind.

Our CBD comes from unadulterated hemp grown in US soil. We use only the freshest, most trusted ingredients, for products you can count on. Every time.

<p>Serving Size: 1mL (or 1 dropper) Serving Per Container: 30 Amount Per Serving % DV: Isolate CBD (Cannabidiol) 33.33mg* Other ingredients: &nbsp;*Daily Value not established</p><p><strong>Focus:</strong> 1,000mg Nano Emulsified Broad Spectrum CBD, 1000mg Fish Oil, 200mg Magnesium</p><p><strong>Energy: </strong>1,00mg Nano Emulsified Broad Spectrum CBD, 1000mg Ashwagandha, 1000mg B12</p><p><strong>Sleep: </strong>1,000mg Nano Emulsified Broad Spectrum CBD, 60mg melatonin, 1000mg ginseng, 500mg Chamomile</p>

<ul><li>Chef-inspired flavors</li>
<li>Quality CBD</li>
<li>High-Grade Hemp Foundation</li>
<li>CO2 Extraction</li>
<li>Pride In Everything We Make</li></ul>

<li>Cruel Animal Testing</li>
<li>Gross Toxins</li>
<li> Low-Quality CBD</li>
<li>Nasty Aftertaste &#x1F92E;</li></ul>

How to

Which CBD Product is Right for Me?

All of our CBD products are made to be extremely gentle on your system. That way, you have the freedom to experiment with what that works for you and your lifestyle. Whether you decide to use our CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, or any combination, we’ve got something to help you start feeling your best. And you can even share the feel-good vibes with your furry friends, with our CBD treats and oils for pets.

Mellow. Happy. Simple. Verma Farms CBD.

  • Choose the CBD that’s right for you.
  • Restore balance.
  • Vibe. Because you can.
  • Repeat as often as necessary

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“Regardless of how experienced someone is with CBD, having a product you can take day-in and day-out is what’s important, which Verma Farms gets right across the board.”

“Verma Farms soars high in our rankings because of their unique approach to CBD. Their Hawaiian-inspired line of products is simply delightful.”

“Verma Farms is intent on providing you with effective, high-quality products that will bring you the relief you are looking for.”

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