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Whether you are looking for ways to support an on-the-go schedule or you want some help winding down at night, Verma Farms has the right CBD products for you. Signing up for a subscription to have your favorite CBD delivered straight to your door on a monthly basis makes it even easier to find the balance in every day.

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Our subscription orders make it easy to seamlessly incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. Choosing to have your favorite CBD delivered to your door every month means you never have to worry about running out.

Save 25% off of every subscription order, and make balance something that comes automatically. All orders are conveniently delivered to your home within the United States free of charge.


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Save 25% by subscribing to a Verma Farms monthly delivery. Pick your favorite CBD products, choose the most convenient day for them to be shipped, sit back and enjoy simplified wellness.

Shipping is free, you will always have a fresh supply of the CBD you love, and you can pause, skip, or cancel anytime.

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Your daily routine just got a lot easier. When your CBD comes monthly, that’s one less thing you have to think about to live a healthier lifestyle. No more remembering to order. Balance comes automatically.

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You have unique goals, and we support your individual needs at Verma Farms. Whether you prefer using our CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD for your pet, or any combination, we’ve got you covered with monthly delivery, free shipping, and 25% off.