Did you know that CBD isn’t just for humans? Studies have tied CBD to positive effects in rats and other animals. A growing number of pet owners now use CBD to help their animals cope with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

At Verma, we want to help the animals who need CBD’s positive effects the most: shelter rescues. Cats and dogs often wind up in shelters after traumatic events, and the social deprivation and sensory overload they experience in shelters (where noise levels regularly exceed 100 decibels) can compound that trauma into even more stress and anxiety. Stressed animals exhibit more behavioral problems, which makes it harder for them to get adopted. Whenever you buy a Verma Farms product, we’ll donate a 50 mg bottle to an animal shelter. With the help of CBD, animals in these shelters can show off their true personalities rather than their stress-induced behavioral problems, helping them find their forever homes faster.