CBD is getting lots of buzz right now--but is the hype real? At Verma, we know from first-hand experience that it is. You don’t have to look far to uncover early evidence of CBD’s remarkable potential, whether it’s formal studies connecting it to reduced certain symptoms or anecdotal evidence of it treating chronic pain and depression. There’s more awareness than ever that the plants and food we put in our bodies can shape our health as much as the medicines we take. That’s why so many people are exploring plant-based, naturally-occurring cannabis products.

But not all CBD products are created equal. Some manufacturers distill their products from plants doused in pesticides--which increases the risk those pesticides wind up in your supposedly all-natural purchases. Some manufacturers adulterate their products with low-quality, synthetic ingredients. Some manufacturers do a poor job of monitoring cannabinoid levels, turning out products whose chemical components vary wildly from what they say on the label. More and more people are turning to CBD for plant-based help--but creating truly all-natural, high-quality cannabis products takes hard work.

At Verma, we’re actually doing that hard work. Our hemp starts as organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free Cannabis sativa plants. We turn those plants into CBD oil through a simple distilling process that preserves naturally occurring cannabinoids. We add a minimal number of ingredients to create an effective, pleasant product that delivers exactly the cannabidiol dose promised on the label (with no unexpected THC).