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About Our CBD

Inspired by the mountains of Hawaii, our CBD is sourced sustainably from organic, all-natural hemp. We distill our oils using a low-fuss, preservative-free process that maintains our plants’ natural purity in the final product that shows up on your doorstep.

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CBD won't get you 'high'

CBD comes from hemp flower, which is different than marijuana. This means it doesn't contain THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana)

CBD Is Non-Habit Forming

There's no risk of dependence or abuse with CBD.

CBD Is Non-Toxic

Unlike aspirin and other pain relievers, CBD won't do harm to your liver, meaning it's safe to take any time.

Our Ingredients

What we put in our bodies is serious business, which is why all of our ingredients are sourced to be as natural as the earth they come from. It's our promise in making CBD that your mind, body, and spirit will love.

Organic Hemp

We like to keep it as natural as possible.


You won’t have to fret about ingesting repellent with us.


All killer, no filler!

US Grown Hemp

Sourced to be sustainable for the long-haul.



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