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7 Useful Tips for a Healthy Vacation

Stick to a healthy lifestyle even when you’re out of town

Vacation is a time for fun and relaxation and while it’s fun to indulge from time to time, that doesn’t mean we have to completely abandon our healthy habits. Follow these easy tips for maintaining your health and wellness, even while enjoying some well-deserved fun.

Pack your wellness products

  • First-aid kit

Pack all the medicines you take at home, as well as first-aid items like antiseptic wipes to disinfect wounds; plasters and bandages of assorted sizes; and OTC for different illnesses.

  • Daily vitamins 

Bring your vitamins and take them regularly. 

  • Skincare products

Protect your skin from the sun with a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Bring sunglasses and hats, too, if you’re going to the beach or snowy places (snow reflects lots of harmful sun rays).Pack a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated, too.

  • CBD favorites

Bring your favorite CBD products, like your Verma Farms Mahalo Muscle Relief and Verma Farms CBD Capsules.

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Eat a moderate breakfast

 A hearty breakfast spread

With an entire breakfast buffet spread in front of you, it’s easy to load up on less healthy options, like fried bacon and sugary cereals.

If you’re not mindful, your plate will be filled with sweet pastries, heavily buttered toasts, or pancakes swimming in syrup, whereas at home, you would’ve been eating oatmeal with banana slices.

So when you’re out of town, keep your breakfast light. Choose lean protein and fruits because these will give you energy for the day’s activities. Save the indulgence for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation

A wine toast with people in the background

You’re in a new city, and there are many new bars to visit and local drinks to try.

However, alcohol is a rich source of empty calories: calories that don’t provide any nutritional value. Practice the art of drinking in moderation:

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Food helps the body absorb alcohol more slowly.

  • Drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. Hydration helps prevent hangovers.

  • Keep a steady drinking pace. If possible, don’t consume more than one drink per hour.

  • Keep track of your consumption. Set a limit for yourself and stick to it.
  • Get a decent amount of sleep

    An orange tent set up in the canyons.

    When you’re in a new place, it seems like there’s not enough time for all the sights and activities.

    A warning: don’t spend all your time outdoors; squeeze in sleep in your busy schedule. Not only will it help you fight jet lag, but it will also support your immune system as you get exposed to new stimuli.

    If you’re staying at a place that’s not conducive to sleep, pack your sleep essentials, like a sleeping mask, comfy blankets, and noise-canceling headphones. Take some Verma Farms CBD Sleep Gummies, too, to help you doze off to a restful snooze.

    Bring a container and chug water throughout the day

    A woman in bathing suit pouring water on her mouth with the beach on the background.

    We can’t stress the importance of hydration enough. The airplane environment is dry, which is why you need to drink up before, during, and after the flight.

    Water also helps you fight jet lag and adjust to a hot and dry climate. A tumbler of ice-cold water keeps heat stroke at bay as you enjoy desert views or take a sunny stroll.

    It’s also recommended to swap your sugary drinks with water. Save your sugar quota for the local cuisine.

    Be mindful of your personal hygiene

    Top view of a woman taking a bath under waterfalls

    Maintain proper hygiene wherever you go, so you won’t catch illnesses. You wouldn’t want to be under the weather on your trip. Here are some tips:

    • Keep a sanitizer on hand. Whether that’s antibacterial wipes, alcohol, or sanitizing gel, make sure to pack one in your pouch.
    • Keep your nails clean and if possible, short. Dirty nails are a hotbed for bacteria, so clean the underside of your nails as you wash your hands.
    • Avoid common touchpoints. Some types of bacteria can survive for days on surfaces, so avoid touchpoints like escalator handrails and sinks in shared bathrooms. Always sanitize your hands after being in contact with these surfaces.

    Your vacation is your time to have fun and relax. Stay in tip-top shape so you have the energy to enjoy everything that your destination has to offer.