6 Natural Ways to Recover from Jet Lag

6 Natural Ways to Recover from Jet Lag

Time-tested travel tips against the sleep-wake disturbance from jet lag
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Everyone’s excited about vacation, but before you get to the good part, you’ll likely battle it out with jet lag. Once the plane lands, most people feel disoriented and exhausted, even if they haven’t done much. Above all, jet lag disturbs your sleep cycle, which may cause you to lose focus and get easily irritated.

Why does jet lag happen?

Jet lag happens when your sleeping and waking patterns don’t match the time zone. There’s a mismatch between your normal body rhythm and the schedule of your new environment. It usually happens when you travel across three time zones, but it could affect anyone who travels a long way. It typically takes a few days for the body to settle in.

The good news is you can beat jet lag quickly with simple and easy steps. Next time you’re booking a flight to a different time zone, keep these hacks in mind.

Manage Your Sleep Schedule

The most important step in battling jet lag is to adapt your sleep schedule to your new environment. This will help your body recognize the new time zone.

This also means you’ll have to power through the sleepiness and drowsiness if it’s not yet nighttime at your destination. You’ll have to fight the urge to take a nap during the daytime because you won’t build enough sleep pressure to sleep later on. 

In some cases, you’ll have to doze off on the plane because it will be early daytime at your destination. Bring sleeping aids on the flight, like:

  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Eye masks
  • Pillows and blankets

To further manage your sleep schedule, you must make your snooze area comfortable. Here are some tips:

  • Listen to white noise that helps you fall asleep
  • Adjust the lighting and thermostat
  • Carry a pack of Verma Farms CBD Sleep Gummies to help drift off to a restful sleep at the right time

Adjust Lighting Conditions

Exposure to light could help your body understand the new time zone. So if it’s daytime in your new city, try to get out, take a walk, and get lots of sunlight. This could also help you fight drowsiness. At night, see to it that your bedroom has just the right amount of light to make it conducive to sleep.

Some people also try a popular hack when getting daylight, and it depends on whether you’re traveling east or west.

  • If you’re traveling east, expose yourself to morning light at the destination. And if you arrive at night, don’t expose yourself to bright light in the evening.
  • If you’re traveling west, expose yourself to afternoon light, so hang out outside as much as possible.

Adapt to Your New Time Zone

It’s not easy for the body to forget its usual rhythm, so apart from sleep, you’ll have to adjust your entire routine. Make sure your clocks and devices are updated once you land. In addition, you’ll have to reset your internal clock.

Eat at the Right Time

You’ll have to eat at the mealtimes in your new city to help your body get used to the schedule. Tip: if you’re eating a small snack or beverage before going to bed, add a few drops of Verma Farms CBD Oil to help your body relax and prepare for sleep. You’ll also need to pay attention to the quality of food you eat.

Another tip: eat light at dinner, so sleep is easier to come by.

Fuel Up with Nutrient-Dense Food

While it’s tempting to get coffee and donuts right after you land, it won’t do anything for your jet lag. Sugar overload could worsen your fatigue, and a high amount of caffeine could disorient your body further. 

So as much as possible, opt for whole foods that will give you a boost of energy, like high-protein salads or rice bowls with lots of veggies. Or if you’re in a rush, a green smoothie would be a great alternative. 

Drink Lots of Water

Water is your secret weapon when fighting jet lag. And the battle doesn’t begin during the flight; if you’re traveling across multiple time zones, ensure you’re properly hydrated days before. Avoid drinking alcohol or coffee, as these dehydrate you.

Carry a tumbler of water with you and ensure you’re hydrated before, during, and after the flight. The aircraft environment is dry, after all. Continue to be mindful of your water intake days after you land. You could add slices of lemon to your water bottle for a hint of flavor. 

Swap Coffee and Alcohol with Tea

If you’re the kind of person that simply can’t live on water alone (aka you need lots of beverages), then stick with tea instead of alcohol or coffee. Tea contains less caffeine compared to coffee, but it still has enough kick to keep you focused through the jet lag haze.

In addition, teas like chamomile and lavender are known to combat travel stress and anxiety. A tip: add a dash of Verma Farms Mint CBD Oil to give your tea a punch of flavor and help you chill out, too. 

What about must-try alcoholic drinks, like wine in Bordeaux or sake in Tokyo? Just drink them in moderation, and drink lots of water after. 

With a fun vacation comes a not-so-fun jet lag, but with these hacks, you can bounce back to your energetic self and enjoy your destination to the fullest.