Natural Ways to Support Your Senior Dog

Natural Ways to Support Your Senior Dog

Is your dog beginning to show signs of old age? Seniority in dogs depends on their size and breed. It begins at 11 years old for most small dogs, 10 years old for most medium sized dogs, and 8 years old for larger breeds. 

Upon reaching these ages, they show signs of slowing down and there may also be illnesses such as joint pains. Other signs include weight loss, lumps on their body, less mobility, and changes in their senses. Here are a few things paw parents can help to manage a dog’s old age in natural ways.

Use Supplements or CBD Products for Joint Pains

Just like humans, dogs also experience a weaker ability to absorb nutrients from food when they age. Supplements will help maintain their strength and overall wellbeing especially in this stage of their canine life.

Cannabidiol or CBD products have been shown to improve a dog’s condition on joint and muscle pains. Try the all-organic Verma Farms CBD Pet Starter Bundle, which includes the most popular items for your furry friends. It includes soft steak chewables, apple smacks, and CBD dog oil. Always consult your dog’s veterinarian before starting any supplements.

Create a More Senior Dog-Friendly Home

We used to laugh when our pets slip and slide around the house, wreaking havoc in every corner. When they’re older though and are near their senior age, having slippery floors may not be as fun to have anymore. 

Consider adding non-slip mats or rugs on slippery floors where the dog can slip, including the staircase. Consider softer beds, and if your dog has osteoarthritis, you can try orthopedic dog beds. You may also try adding carpet to hardwood floors. There are food and water dishes which are elevated to avoid neck discomfort in dogs.

Adjust Your Dog’s Diet Based on Vet Recommendations

Senior dogs may have a more difficult time absorbing nutrients from their food or they may be more prone to nutritional deficiencies, which may lead to illnesses such as dental or gut problems.

You can talk to the vet to take a second look at your dog’s diet. It is usually a continuous process to help address appetite problems or to promote a healthier aging process. Dogs can also benefit from foods that are a lot easier to digest. Due to a decrease in physical activities, they can also benefit from weight management by reducing caloric intake.

Add Grooming Sessions and Dental Care Visits

It’s recommended that dogs get groomed every four to six weeks. When your pet is in their old stage, they’re welcoming extra attention with added grooming sessions. 

Make sure to do a full-body inspection for lumps as they may appear in senior years. Trimming their nails regularly will also be healthy. Don’t forget a quick dental inspection as periodontal disease, if left untreated, will be detrimental to your dog’s overall wellbeing.

Give Extra, Tender Love With Daily Massage

It’s no secret that our furry friends love good petting, just as humans enjoy a good massage at the end of a hectic work week. Sometimes, petting is all they need to end the day on a good note.

Give some extra, tender love with a dog massage, which will promote relaxation and allow them to relieve stress in the body. It’s also a good time to spend quality time with your dog without overwhelming the day with activities.