A Guide to Giving Your Cat CBD

A Guide to Giving Your Cat CBD

Does your cat seem to be stressed a lot lately or are they experiencing some pains that need relieving? CBD may give them the relief they need.

Cats bring numerous health benefits to humans and give us purpose. In return, we provide them with the love they also deserve through sickness and in health. Cannabidiol (CBD) pet products are widely gaining popularity in helping our furry friends get relief from chronic pain, or to help calm their nerves, and induce sleep. But how do you administer CBD to your favorite cat?

Signs Your Cat Is in Distress

There are signs you can look out for to know when you feel something is off with your cat. Some of these signs of distress include:

  • Changes in Their Eating and Drinking Habits
  • When your cat starts to eat and drink less or if they avoid food and water during their meal time, it might be a sign of stress. When their eating habit goes awry, they start to isolate or they can begin to be more aggressive.

  • Showing Frequent Aggression
  • Bad behavior in cats includes hissing and growling at people, especially when it’s not a normal behavior. When they become aggressive or excessively aggressive, your cat might be stressed.

  • Furniture Scratching
  • Cats love scratching, but what if they start doing it for the first time? What if they’ve been using a scratch post for a while now, but are suddenly scratching parts of your furniture? Something is amiss and they might be feeling funny so they relieve themselves by scratching on whatever they find amusing. 

  • Excessive Grooming
  • Even in dogs, excessive grooming or the act of cleaning themselves by licking is an unusual behavior. Cats do this as a form of stress relief.

    Triggers of Cat Stress and Anxiety

    The above-mentioned signs of stress and anxiety in cats can be rooted in several triggers. They might do one or a couple of stress-relieving actions if they are in a new environment, if there’s a new pet in the house if they’re traveling, if there’s a thunderstorm, or if there is an underlying medical condition that gives them chronic pain or arthritis. Before administering CBD, make sure to check in with their veterinarian first.

    Different Ways of Giving CBD to Your Cat

    As with introducing anything new in our pet’s food, start in small doses. Usually, 1 to 5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight is recommended.

    CBD Cat Oil in a Dropper

    One of the more direct methods to administer CBD is the dropper method. With the Verma Farms CBD Chicken Oil in a dropper, let the cat get curious with it until they lick it. You can put your hand with the dropper directly above their bowl to help them associate it with the smell of their favorite food. Then, slowly release the oil into their gums. This method avoids them from having to ingest the oil, which loses much of the CBD potency.

    Apply CBD Oil Onto the Cat’s Ears

    Another great way to give CBD oil to your pets is by rubbing a small amount onto the cat’s ears. This is a good method if your pet is new to CBD or if they do not appreciate the first option. Additionally, the tincture is absorbed better in this area.

    Add CBD to their food

    If your cat is the picky kind, adding CBD to their food might disorient them a bit. One trick is to feed them after an activity that usually makes them tired and hungry. They won’t notice the difference or they’re probably too hungry to care. Start with natural CBD oil or you can use a flavored CBD to match the food that your cat already loves.

    Alternate Regular Treats With CBD Treats When Playing

    Introducing CBD while they’re at play is one of the most used ways of giving CBD to your cat. Our Salmon Cat Treats is THC-free and it doesn’t have a nasty aftertaste which is common in CBD products. Instead of their regular treats, slowly introduce CBD cat treats when rewarding them after their trip to the litter box.