4 Tips to get your Picky Pet to enjoy CBD!

4 Tips to get your Picky Pet to enjoy CBD!

You want the best for your furry friends, but sometimes it can be difficult to get them to get them on board. Some pets are picky eaters who avoid change in their routine. Instead of resorting to force to get your pet to take their CBD, we’ve picked out some of the best tips from our customers to keep treat time stress-free for everyone. Remember to be patient with your pets, since they often translate new things as potentially dangerous.  

  1.       Slow and steady

Things that are new and different can set of a pet’s sense of danger. To help them get familiar with the scent and flavor of CBD so they can see it as safe and enjoyable, start by using only the smallest amount of oil or the tiniest piece of a treat. Add one drop of CBD oil to their wet food, and after a few days, add a second drop, so they get used to the flavor and smell. When it comes to treats, break off a small piece and give it to them with a treat they already like. Slowly give more of the CBD treat and less of the regular treat until they get comfortable with it.

  1.       Timing is key

The best time to introduce new things to your pets is when they are calm, relaxed, and curious. Dogs take their cues from us, so when you typically relax during the day is when they will be most receptive to trying CBD. Cats are most active at dawn and dusk, so late morning or late afternoon, or after the sun has fully gone down will be good chances to have them try CBD.

  1.       Three Treat Trick

This one comes from a hack lots of pet parents use to give their dogs or cats medication. Take out 3 treats that they regularly eat. Give them the first one, then very quickly follow it with the second one, which has a piece of CBD treat inside it, then give them the third treat. Gradually increase the size of the CBD treat in the second one, until it’s a whole CBD treat.

  1.       Let them get hungry

If your pet has all-day access to food, they might not be hungry enough to try a new flavor. Gradually get your pet used to a feeding schedule that allows them to get hungry before they get their next meal. This is an ideal time to offer CBD treats, or give them food with CBD oil mixed in.

Your pets have a unique personality so not all of these tips will work for every pet. The most important tip is to be patient with them. Ultimately you’ll be rewarded with a pet that enjoys CBD as much as you do, and they will enjoy the same benefits.