What is the difference between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD products?

What is the difference between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD products?

CBD oil comes in several different forms. The two you need to know about are the Isolate and the Full-Spectrum. Don't know what the difference is? You're not alone. We're going to break down the differences (and the similarities) so you can get the product that's right for you.
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The difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD is in the active compounds they contain. The process of extracting CBD from the hemp plant is the same between the two.

Before we dive deeper, it’s good to know the main components found in CBD products: Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other smaller components that haven’t been studied as extensively.

THC is one of the active components in the products, which causes psychoactive side effects. People who ingest high amounts of THC may experience heightened sensory perception, which is why they can see brighter colors or they may have an increased sense of smell. They may also experience an altered sense of the world, themselves, and emotions.

The FDA regulates commercial CBD products, including the Verma Farms Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies, to protect the public from potential health and safety risks including these types of sensory alterations. As such, all commercial CBD products only contain 0.3% of THC or less, an amount that does not cause the above-mentioned side effects.

Isolate CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD: A comparison

CBD isolate contains purely CBD; it is devoid of THC and other smaller components like terpenes. It’s good for people who are medically unable to ingest THC or those who avoid ingestion of THC for various other reasons.

After extracting all active ingredients from the cannabis plant, the CBD can be isolated in crystal form. These crystals are then ground into a fine powder to make it easier to absorb when ingested.

On the other hand, a full-spectrum product like this CBD oil contains CBD, the legal amount of THC at 0.3%, and other naturally-occurring extracts. It does not cause people to get “high”, but it will appear on a drug test. It also contains all beneficial compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant.

What is the “Entourage Effect” in full-spectrum CBD?

The Entourage Effect is a phenomenon, which in theory, explains the additional health benefits of taking full-spectrum CBD rather than isolated CBD.

While research is advancing rapidly, it’s difficult to identify all compounds present in plants like cannabis, and even more difficult to elucidate their complex interaction when ingested. Some research suggests that having a more complete set of compounds as found in the whole plant could have additive effects, and many people have anecdotally reported this as well. This effect considers that the sum of the parts is better than pure isolated CBD when treating patients with mood disorders, according to a study conducted by Sari Goldstein Ferber, et. al. It also opens the possibility of using CBD in avoiding the adverse effects of antidepressants.

While there is still ongoing research about the topic, full-spectrum CBD is the more popular choice for chronic pain and anxiety.

How to choose the right CBD product?

If you’re choosing between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, it all boils down to preference. People who are new to this product may choose the isolate version thinking it’s the basic version with less prominent effects. It is also easier to add into your routine since it is commonly odorless and flavorless.

If you want the full benefits with the potential additive effects described above, full-spectrum CBD is the better version with all the natural components of the hemp plant working together.

Whether you’re going for one or the other, make sure to check the manufacturer and the farming practices of its source. Verma Farms provides high-quality sustainably produced Hawaiian CBD that’s free of toxins, so it’s safe for you and for the environment. Try it today!