Soothing the Stress of Thanksgiving

Soothing the Stress of Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving weekend is upon us again - a time to forget about work, bond with family and friends, count our blessings, and enjoy the most delicious feast of the year. But with all the fun it brings, stress is also common at Thanksgiving dinners.

Overcooked appetizers, rude family members, and kids who have to stay entertained - they can all be overwhelming, especially if you're this year's host. If you have pets, they can also become scared or rattled at the number of guests in your home. 

Fortunately, there's a quick, easy, and effective method for handling Thanksgiving stress. From CBD gummies and a potent CBD tincture to CBD for dogs, here are some of the best CBD products to help you overcome the hustle and bustle of the holiday.

The wonders of CBD in soothing stress and anxiety

The cannabis plant contains several cannabinoids, CBD is one of the most prominent. It's the part of the plant that doesn't get you high like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another active compound.

CBD has shown promise in regulating stress and treating a variety of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. It interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which regulates bodily functions such as mood, appetite, and sleep. A study published in December 2021 indicated that CBD enhanced the endocannabinoid system's role in its stress response.

How CBD can soothe stressful family interactions during Thanksgiving

It's okay to admit that long holiday family dinners can be stressful, especially if your in-laws are in town. Thankfully, you can rely on CBD to put your mind and body at ease before and even during the family affair. Here’s how CBD can soothe all your Thanksgiving worries and woes:

1. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep the night before Thanksgiving is not an option, so it’s important to craft the perfect bedtime routine before the festivities start. Sleep will help regulate your mood, which can result in positive emotions when interacting with family members and productivity to finish all the meals you need to cook. 

Try the Verma Farms Sleep Nano CBD Formula if your anxiety about Thanksgiving is keeping you from getting a good night's rest. The oil is infused with ginseng, chamomile, and melatonin, making it an excellent remedy for getting the deep slumber you need. 

2. Take some CBD before or during the dinner

There are plenty of CBD gummies to help manage your stress and feel calm. CBD gummies come in various shapes, flavors, sizes, and colors. You don't have to fear "getting high," as high-quality CBD edibles are made from hemp and not THC-heavy marijuana. CBD gummies can work as party favors too! 

Additionally, while you can always consume a yummy gummy, you can also feel the benefits of CBD in a much quicker way with a quick drop under your tongue. If you start feeling any jitters during the Thanksgiving dinner, you can rely on a single drop or two of CBD oil in your drink to help you feel at ease.

3. Don't forget about your pets

Our pets are like members of our family to us. But sometimes, our fur babies can get nervous when guests arrive at our house for a dinner party. Pets can bare their fangs, bark, and hiss. They could even experience stomach distress.

CBD for cats and dogs is useful for easing anxiety. Just give your pet a modest dose before your guests arrive. The best CBD treats don't require much time to take action in an animal's body. CBD treats such as the Verma Farms Bacon Bites provide instant relief. They’re delicious so they’ll have your pets’ tails wagging too!

4. Relax and unwind after

After the table is cleared and the last guest has gone, you deserve a good night's rest. At the end of a long day, nothing's more soothing than soaking in a hot bath. If you want to elevate your relaxation, try mixing in a few drops of your favorite CBD oil in your nighttime tea. As CBD interacts with receptors in our endocannabinoid system—the same ones responsible for inducing feelings of sleepiness—you'll feel instant calming effects.

Will CBD help with my Thanksgiving stress?

Although CBD's effects vary from person to person, it is generally reported to make users feel calmer, less anxious, and more focused. You won't get "high" from it. Many users report that CBD oil has helped them with everything from chronic pain and migraines to insomnia. Many people also use it because it reduces swelling and pain. 

There are a lot of CBD products and CBD derivatives available, but before buying one, it's important to research the company behind it and how they create their goods. If you want to get the most out of your purchase, look for items that are all organic and not tested on animals. That’s why we’re so proud of our CBD products here at Verma Farms. We NEVER test on animals, and we use only the highest quality ingredients and practices in creating the remedies that help you have more chill.