How to Craft the Perfect Spa Day at Home

How to Craft the Perfect Spa Day at Home

Get the best spa experience without leaving your home

You don’t have to leave the house and spend a fortune on a well-deserved spa getaway. With the right products, you can create the perfect spa experience at home. So slow down, reset, and give your mind and body the break you deserve in your own living space.

Commit to Your Spa Day

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First order of business: set aside time to luxuriate. Dedicate a day to self-care, when you won’t be bothered by work emails and other obligations. Treat it like a spa appointment; you’re on Do Not Disturb mode for 24 hours.

Choose a theme

You don’t have to set a theme for your spa day, but a motif will help you set the mood and ambiance of your spa space. Some ideas are:

  • Beachside Spa: Think tropical scents like coconut and mango, petals on your bath water, and flowers in your hair.

  • Luxury Spa: Think gold face masks, perfumed water for a luxurious mani and pedi, and expensive shower gels.

  • Relaxing Spa: Think calming essential oils, aromatherapy, and refreshing scented candles.
  • Bring in some friends

    Why not bring some friends over and throw a spa party? It’s an opportunity to get together and catch up despite your busy schedules. They’ll be thankful to spend time with the gang and take a break from the hustle and bustle. 

    Prepare Your Space

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    No spa client can fully relax in a cluttered space. Here’s how you can build a relaxing spa atmosphere at home:

    Choose a scent

    Consider using an essential oil diffuser that will produce rich streams of scented mist. If you’re into calming smells, here are some popular choices:

    • Lavender
    • Jasmine
    • Rose
    • Vanilla
    • Eucalyptus

    Light up your aromatherapy candles

    Turn the lights down low and light up your favorite candles. A single, averaged-sized candle is enough to fill the whole room with a pleasant smell, but that’s not enough to light up the space. 

    So add unscented tealights to brighten up the room. Just make sure the candle’s scent complements that of your essential oil diffuser.

    Set the mood with enchanting and relaxing music

    There are lots of online playlists that you can play in the background. Some people prefer soothing piano music, while others relax to the organic sounds of water and rain. It’s up to your preference.

    Ready the Spa Treatments

    A woman in a bathrobe applying cream on her leg

    Here are some easy at-home spa treatments you can do to pamper your body:

  • Elevate your bath with bath salts and bath bombs
  • Nothing says spa more than a long soak in a warm tub. So elevate your bathtime with relaxing bath salts or CBD bath bombs.

  • Get a face and hair mask
  • While soaking in the tub, put on your favorite face mask and cover your eyes with cucumber slices. Don’t forget to give your hair some TLC, too. Put on a hair mask to get your locks smooth and silky.

  • Feel squeaky clean with a body scrub
  • You can make your own, natural body scrub, but if you don’t have the time, you can always buy a tub from your favorite store.

  • Get soft, glowing skin with body butter
  • After a long soak, lather on some moisturizer or body butter for baby-soft, sweet-smelling skin.

  • Try a warm hand and foot soak
  • Doing your mani-pedi? Add a few drops of essential oil to the tub of water for an extra relaxing soak.

  • Get a massage
  • If you’re getting a massage from a masseuse or your partner, add a few drops of Verma Farms Natural CBD Oil to your massage oil to reap the benefits of CBD.

    Sip and Snack


    One of the best parts of an at-home spa is you get to choose your snacks. Whether it’s a little bottle of bubbly or a refreshing can of soda, your snack bar is up to you.

    If you’re out of ideas, you can fill your spa hamper with these:

  • Sweet treats
  • Add Verma Farms Hawaiian Rainbow CBD Gummies, dark chocolate truffles, vanilla fudge, flavored marshmallows, and your favorite confections.

  • Savory spreads
  •  Build a board with cheeses, charcuterie, biscuits, spreads and jams, and fruits like figs and strawberries.

  • Healthy snacks
  • Put kale chips, low-calorie peanut butter cups, trail mix, and dried fruits.

    After all your hard work, you deserve a day dedicated to your wellness, so block some time off and enjoy a spa day at home.