CBD Products for Mom: A Mother's Day Gift Guide

CBD Products for Mom: A Mother's Day Gift Guide

There’s a CBD gift for every type of mom

Mom, mama, granny — whatever we call them, they’ll always be one of the most significant people in our life. That’s why this Mother’s Day, let’s pull out all the stops to make them feel special and thank them for all they do to keep their families safe and happy with CBD gifts.

You have your choice of usual Mother’s Day gifts: flowers, chocolates, cards. But you can take things a step further (because after all, mothers go the extra mile for their loved ones) and give them a present that will help them relax and truly enjoy their special day.

Here are 6 Mother’s Day CBD gifts that your mom will love.

For the Supermom: CBD Sleep Gummies

Moms wear a lot of hats, juggling their professional and personal life while still squeezing hobbies into their schedules, plus making time for milestones and celebrations for their loved ones. Of all people who need a good night's rest, moms deserve it most.

So help your mother or granny get the best sleep every night with the Verma Farms CBD Sleep Gummies. Its CBD component influences the body’s endocannabinoid system, which help the entire body calm down. In addition, the gummies are infused with melatonin, which will help your mom drift off to a restful sleep.

If she prefers a hot beverage before dozing off, you can gift her with the Verma Farms Sleep CBD Oil. Just tell her to put a few drops on her nightcap.

For the Busy Mom: A CBD Spa Gift Basket

Planning a pampering session for your mom or partner? There are so many ways to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your special Mother’s Day spa day.

A Soak to Help Her Wind Down

Nothing beats the relaxing feeling of a long, warm soak in the bath tub — especially if you light a couple of candles and have a glass of wine on hand. Up the ante with a CBD bath bomb: while there are yet to be extensive studies about soaking in CBD-laced water, using a CBD bath bomb can help your mom feel cleaner and more relaxed. 

Moisturizer for that Healthy Glow

After a long soak, mom has to moisturize to keep the skin from drying out. Give her the Verma Farms CBD Cream, which will help her achieve a healthy glow. The CBD component can help provide relief and soothe aching muscles, while the scent of coconut and vanilla will take her to the tropics. It's a vacation and a spa in a bottle.

A Relaxing Massage 

If you want to give the maternal figure in your life a massage — because they might be on their feet the entire day — you can try the Verma Farms Natural CBD Oil. While it’s popular for drinks and dishes, you can also add a few drops to your massage oil to maximize the benefits of CBD. 

For the Kitchen Superstar: Flavored CBD Oils

If your mom is the house’s de facto cook, she’ll love the Verma Farms Flavored CBD Oils. Just a few drops of these oils will bring a punch of flavor to any dish or beverage. Plus, it delivers the calming effects of CBD. 

Here’s a few examples of CBD oils she can try:

Arrange your Verma Farms CBD Oils in a basket, add a bow, and voila — you have a unique Mom’s Day present.

Another gift idea: you can give her a break from the kitchen and don the apron for a day! Explore our fun recipes for winter-inspired CBD-infused treats and keep mama refreshed with our spring-ready smoothies.

For the Mom Who Loves Films: A Moviehouse Snack Hamper

Does your mom love going to the movies? Put together a fun snack hamper and watch her favorite movies together. Fill it up with classic moviehouse munchies: popcorn, chips, chocolate, or nachos. Throw in Verma Farms CBD Gummies Starter Pack, too, to complete your film snacks.

Whip up some fun cocktails for the entire family, too, and don’t forget to add a few drops of flavored CBD oil from the Verma Farms Fruit Pack.