5 Natural Ways to Avoid Work-Related Burnout

5 Natural Ways to Avoid Work-Related Burnout

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Burnout was born in the workplace. It is characterized by exhaustion and feeling distant from one’s job, leading to poor work performance. The World Health Organization lists possible causes of this phenomenon, including unclear job expectations, unhealthy dynamics, and work-life imbalance.

While some stress levels are normal and healthy for growth, the persistent and overbearing kind isn’t. It may even cause bodily complaints such as migraine, tight muscles, upset stomach, and shoulder pains. Let’s tackle some of the ways in which you can prevent the negative circumstances and manage the discomfort.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Assuming your job description is succinct and well-understood, there are instances when the job requires you to go “over and beyond” your contract. It’s okay to accept part of the extra work, renegotiate your contract to accommodate such requests with additional compensation, or reject it. 

Long-term productivity and peace of mind are better for your mental and physical health, not to mention your company’s overhead costs. Feeling guilty might be your first impulse. If you can’t shift the energy to a more positive direction, you may also consider finding a company that aligns with your values.

Build Rapport and Get Support From Your Peers

Making friends in the office is a good way to add some balance. Healthy office banter is a quick way to remove your eyes from the monitor. More importantly, it’s an excellent way to identify peers with the same values as yours. Knowing your kind of people in the workplace makes you feel less lonely and detached. You can also seek professional connections, which will allow you to grow as a part of the team or as a leader.

Having a circle of friends in professional settings will also be fruitful in addressing issues in projects or influencing changes in workplace dynamics.

Limit Your Contact With Negative People

As much as you need to develop interpersonal skills to make meaningful connections at work, it’s also important to avoid prolonged contact with negative people in the office. These are the people who complain too much, gossip, or are those who are generally energy drainers.

If these people are part of your direct working environment and there’s no way to avoid them, you can manage the stress by limiting the interaction without being rude.

Keep a Healthy Lifestyle Outside of Work

The lifestyle you have outside work can affect who you are when you’re inside the office. Specifically, you can manage your mood and energy levels by minimizing sugar and refined carbohydrates. You can also improve your mood greatly by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation.

Wind Down With Natural Alternatives 

You can make food choices to boost your mood, including Omega-3-rich fish, berries, nuts and seeds, and bananas.

After a long day’s work, some people may wind down at happy hour with alcohol. Instead, consider natural alternatives like CBD, which in many forms, including gummy candies in delicious flavors and CBD oil.

CBD or Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant but does not cause any psychoactive effects. Studies conducted with animals and self-reports from human beings who have used such products suggest that CBD can help with anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain, making it the ideal way to end your day and prepare for a calm night’s sleep.