10 Effective Ways to Stay Motivated

10 Effective Ways to Stay Motivated

Finding the motivation to do what you need or want to do is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are many strategies you can try. 

Procrastination lasts longer than it should. While it’s not inherently bad, prolonging it could lead to anxiety. If you’re currently struggling to overcome a slump and you want to get things done, all you need is a little motivation. 

Finding the motivation to do what you need or want to do is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are many strategies you can try. 

We’ve narrowed down the list to ten effective techniques that will help boost your motivation.

Aim to be consistent 

Many fitness enthusiasts and career gurus share the mantra that consistency trumps motivation. The former involves taking small steps toward the desired destination, while the latter simply means finding the drive to do what you need to do. If you want to get stuff done and reach meaningful milestones, consider aiming to be consistent rather than motivated.   

Kickstart your day with a goal

Nothing beats a consistent mourning routine to level up your motivation. Make it a habit to wake up at the same time every day and have a ritual. Then, plan out your day and deal with essential tasks early.

Doing so helps build momentum and ensures you’re working on important tasks during your peak performance period. This period refers to the three to four-hour window where you feel most energized and have the sharpest focus.  

Develop a mantra

Each person has different reasons for being in a slump. More often than not, it’s deeply personal, and it’s something tacky and generic motivational quotes can’t help you with.

So it’s better to craft your mantra or motivational statements that resonate with you. Try out a few statements, jot them down, and place them where they’re easy to find, like your phone’s screensaver or fridge.

Try full-spectrum CBD

Motivation doesn’t always come naturally for most people. But there are ways to naturally boost your morale daily. It can be anything from doing morning yoga to infusing your coffee with Verma Farms full-spectrum CBD oil.

You can try refreshing flavors like mint to give your day a good boost. CBD oils are known to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, which can be the biggest hindrances to productivity. 

Get moving

Some call physical activity “free therapy,” and for good reason. Exercise releases serotonin and endorphins, leading to an improved mood. You can start your day with light exercises to give your body and mind a good reboot. But be sure to not overexert yourself as too much exercise could worsen your mood and, by extension, your motivation issues. 

Maintain a balanced diet

Your diet is directly linked to your mood. That said, if you nourish your body with a balanced diet, you’ll have a more positive attitude. Plus, healthy food options give you more energy to accomplish tasks. Likewise, you can use food as a reward for hitting milestones. For example, after a long week at work, you can reward yourself with a favorite meal or a slice of cake. 

Pick the right music

Like food and exercise, music has a way of commanding our mood and influencing our emotions. For this reason, many people like to work, exercise, or do anything creative with music in the background. If you’re low on motivation, try playlists curated to boost motivation and avoid songs that you know can dampen your spirits. 

Keep a gratitude journal

Practicing self-gratitude can significantly improve how you see yourself. More often than not, low motivation is due to self-criticism.

While being hard on yourself can sometimes lead to productivity, it’s not a healthy and sustainable approach. Instead, practice self-compassion by maintaining a gratitude journal. Jot down your creative ideas, your past victories, and other things you’re grateful for. Over time, you’ll develop a more positive mindset and motivation will just come naturally. 

Disable distractions

Distraction is the enemy of productivity. Indulging even small distractions like cleaning your desk in the middle of work or checking social media is your brain’s way of avoiding work. To produce meaningful results, you need to focus on the task at hand. Keep in mind that multitasking is a myth. So find a way to disable distractions while you’re working or doing something important. Then take short breaks instead or consider time blocking. 

Spend time with motivated people

Surrounding yourself with passionate, motivated individuals can also be a great motivator. No one wants to be labeled the “slacker” in the group. Spending time with motivated people gives you that much-needed perspective. Not only that, it adds a bit of healthy competition, which can be motivating for some people. 

Motivation is not easy to find, but there are many strategies you can try to level up your morale. It pays to have a “why” and to go back to it each time you’re getting off track. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not motivated every day. Remember that being consistent and going at your own pace is more important.