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The Best Pre- And Post-Gym Rituals for an Optimum Workout

These are pre- and post-workout rituals you can add to your routine for peak performance and optimum gains. 
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The results of fitness are a combination of your physical routine and your nutritional intake. An effective fitness routine starts with what you do before and after your visit to the gym. This includes what you eat and how much you sleep to help your muscles recover.

We’ve compiled a list of pre- and post-gym rituals to make sure you are getting the most out of your fitness journey.

Pre-gym Rituals for Maximum Energy on Your Workout

Get Optimal Hours of Daily Sleep

One of the most important but also most ignored pre-workout ritual is getting six to eight hours of sleep at night. Quality sleep also helps you focus on your sets and it helps avoid dizziness and drowsiness during your workout.

This is a good first step, especially if you exercise regularly in the morning before going to work.

If you exercise in the afternoon or at night, it is also recommended to take a quick nap to restore some energy lost throughout the day. These quick 20-30 minute naps can power your lifts or give you a boost on the treadmill.

Just make sure not to overnap because it may lead to sleepiness and sluggishness in the gym.

Eat a Healthy Pre-workout Meal

If you give yourself a good (not heavy) meal before lifting your weights, it can provide you with enough energy and stamina for your sets. Bananas, oats, grilled chicken, whole grain bread with eggs, Greek yogurt, and fruits are some of the most common choices for pre-workout food.

If you’re unsure what’s the best meal for you, here’s an easy to prep overnight oats recipe for your daily pre-workout protein needs:

Prepare your small container with 1 part oats and 1 part milk. Then add some chia seeds, greek yogurt, two drops of Verma Farms Energy CBD Oil, and mix! You can add a sweetener like vanilla or honey and your fruit of choice. Cover the container and refrigerate!

Take pre-workout supplements

Gym buffs and fitness influencers swear by taking creatine before your workout. It’s a supplement that you can take on its own to improve your power and strength.

Creatine naturally occurs in the body and it supplies energy to your muscle cells. As a supplement, it helps in your muscle building goal and reduces inflammation.

Some pre-workout supplements can be added to your breakfast smoothie or protein shake. They may contain caffeine, sugar, and energy-boosting ingredients like B Vitamins and Taurine to support your metabolism.

Post-gym Rituals for Muscle Gains and Strong Recovery

Do a post-workout stretch

If you workout, you’ve probably experienced DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. Simply, it’s muscle ache or muscle fever after a particularly heavy set at the gym. It can last for a few days.

Stretching properly before you head out to a shower is the best defense against DOMS. Static stretching for about 10 minutes will go a long way. The NHS offers simple stretches in this guide for after running or aerobic exercises.

Alternatively, you can use a CBD muscle relief roll on to accelerate recovery from muscle soreness.

Pack in some protein and nutrients

Thirty-minutes after your workout is the best time to refuel with high-quality proteins, which will be beneficial for your body-building goals. This routine is important to help repair your muscles while you are in recovery.

Great choices for post-workout meals include pan-fried chicken, eggs on whole-grain toast, vegetable and cheese omelet, or a home-made turkey sandwich with avocados.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to replenish your electrolytes. Sweating during exercise drains your minerals, which are vital in cell regeneration.

Take your rest period seriously

Every time you hit the gym and lift weights to the point of failure, you will have small tears in your muscles. This process is important if you want to gain more muscle. However, to achieve your gains, you’ll need a proper resting period for that muscle group to repair itself before putting it under stress again.


Overtraining can lead to bad athletic performance, increased stress, and being more prone to injury. To train for peak performance, rest will be as important as what you do during gym time.

You can also consider incorporating CBD into your recovery or cross-training with low-impact exercises like yoga, pilates, and walking so that you won’t miss the gym while you are recovering certain muscle groups.