What is Nano CBD?

What is Nano CBD?

The world of CBD grows larger every day! But first? You have to get small. Nano, to be exact. You may know CBD's multitude of therapeutic benefits, such as putting your mind and body at ease and boosting your focus and productivity levels when they're flagging. But have you heard of Nano CBD? Maybe you know of nanotechnology or nanoseconds, and if you’re thinking “nano” means “small,” you’re on the right track. But just because the science goes into small scales doesn’t mean the results are tiny, too.

This niche of CBD is known for being more effective than other formulations, and at Verma Farms, we utilize Nano CBD in our Performance gummies, and CBD Isolate for some products. So what is it exactly? How is it made? Where can you get the best products? You’ve got questions, and as always, we’ve got answers! Here's a quick primer on the ins and outs of Nano CBD, as well as a few recommendations on the best products to get you started.

The Science Behind Nano CBD

First, a quick (and painless, we promise!) science lesson into what exactly makes up this type of CBD. Nano CBD is a CBD molecule coated with liposome and lipid particles. These act to stabilize the CBD and are known to move much faster in our blood systems and effectively reach their targets quicker. They are "nano" because the CBD molecules are packaged in nano-carriers that are about 100 nanometers – that’s pretty tiny! This smaller size allows the molecules to stay in your body longer, and that’s where people who use Nano CBD often say the more effective results get most of its strength.

The technology used to create nano emulsified CBD water is called nanoemulsion, which makes something insoluble into liquid soluble. The result? People who take Nano CBD in this form often say they feel its effects faster than regular CBD, with some even claiming a quick burst of effectiveness upon taking it.

Is Nano CBD right for me?

If you're looking for different or stronger results from your current CBD products, Nano CBD may be the right choice for you and could make a significant impression on your daily life. Nano CBD and traditional CBD share many similarities, but a key difference to pay attention to is that Nano CBD is water-based, while traditional CBD is often oil-based.

That means you can often mix Nano CBD with anything from smoothies and coffee to your favorite baked goods and cocktails. The choice is yours! As with all CBD products, when you make the choice to add it to your routine, listen to your body to track how you are reacting to the product and make a note of any changes or reactions. Still on the fence? Do further research on how Nano CBD affects various users with similar symptoms, and learn what works best for your specific needs. 

Where to start with Nano CBD?

When looking for the right Nano CBD product, you want products made with natural, premium ingredients, preferably sourced right here in the US. You need to be 100% sure that what you’re consuming is the best and safest option for your body. With so many different CBD options on the market today, finding the best products can be overwhelming. But if you're looking to wind down and rest up, our Sleep Nano CBD formula is infused with Ginseng, Chamomile, and Melatonin. As a part of our Performance line of CBD, this oil is made for the targeted results you need to support every aspect of the life you want to live. Sleep is integral to your wellness, and this oil can help you achieve those eight essential hours every night.

Alternatively, if you need a much-needed boost to tackle your to-do list, try our Focus Nano CBD formula. Infused with premium ingredients like Fish Oil and Magnesium, it supports a balanced body and helps you concentrate in even the most stressful environments. This is the perfect sidekick for anyone with a jam-packed work schedule or a hectic morning. You can apply the oil directly to your body or dissolve it into your favorite drink. This on-the-go option fits the busiest lifestyles and is perfect for keeping you focused when life throws you curveballs.

Have you tried Nano CBD or one of our formulas? Share your experiences with us and others!