Hawaiian CBD Traditions You Might Not Know

Hawaiian CBD Traditions You Might Not Know

CBD has recently become one of the most highly sought-after supplements and natural remedies on the market. With its wide range of uses, from improving your sleep quality to helping you control anxiety, it’s no wonder this supplement has risen to such popularity in recent years.

Because CBD has some powerful links to Asian and Pacific Islander cultures, many people may not know about its long history with these communities, specifically in Hawaii. This article will look at some of the traditional Hawaiian rituals and traditions associated with CBD and how it helped them in their daily lives.

Ancient Hawaiians Believed in Cannabinoids

Most people know that Hawaiians often used Kava, an herbal sedative derived from Piper methysticum root. However, few realize that Hawaiians also associated cannabidiol with spirituality and wellness. Native Hawaiians worshiped a goddess named Pele for thousands of years. It is believed that Pele is responsible for creating Hawaii’s many volcanoes as well as bringing fire to humanity, which allowed humans to cook food more efficiently. It is said that before humans could use fire, they ate raw meat and fish; eating raw food can be dangerous because it may contain parasites or bacteria that can make you sick. 

While Pele had many responsibilities, it is said that she created marijuana so that humans would have something safe to eat. While we don’t know how much truth there is behind these legends, we do know that cannabis has been used in Hawaii for thousands of years by native Hawaiians as part of their spiritual practice.

They used it for pain relief

Hawaiians used Cannabinoids for both medicinal and ritualistic purposes. It was believed that Cannabinoids offered pain relief, and Hawaiians have often used it to treat pain from childbirth, arthritis, and gout. This plant also played a role in certain religious ceremonies—namely as an offering to Ku, a Hawaiian deity associated with war and land management.

The popularity of CBD has exploded over recent years, which is great news for those who love living on the islands! Although many think of cannabis when they hear about Hawaii (there are plenty of pro-cannabis groups based out of Honolulu), many people do not realize that Hawaii’s history with hemp goes back centuries. Hemp seeds were even found inside ceramic bowls during archaeological excavations at Mauna Kea and other areas of Oahu Island.

Cannabinoids Made their way into Teas and Lotions

In modern times, Native Hawaiians and others use cannabidiol (CBD) as a natural remedy to help manage inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia. In ancient Hawaii, they used it in an entirely different way. Instead of ingesting or rubbing on topical remedies that had been infused with cannabidiol (CBD), people would drink kava – a special brew meant to induce relaxation and allow them to see their deceased ancestors.

Kava is made from Piper methysticum, a plant that has long been considered sacred by Polynesians. The root of the plant is chewed and allowed to ferment for several days before being strained into water, where it is then consumed for its relaxing effects. Hawaiian traditions historically associated with cannabinoids may be hard to come by today, but many visitors still travel to the islands hoping to experience a bit of paradise while also exploring their inner selves.

The Tradition Continues Today With Modern Practitioners

Pacific Islanders have long used kava for medicinal purposes, as well as to foster healthy community and family relationships. Much of what we know about Hawaii CBD today comes from ancient Hawaiian traditions and Pacific Islander communities that migrated to Hawaii; these experiences still shape many of Hawaii’s present-day CBD practitioners. Today, some people in Hawaii take CBD to help manage stress and induce relaxation—and even use it in ceremonies to honor ancestors or celebrate life events like weddings or births.

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