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CBD Shelf Life: What You Need to Know

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CBD oil has become increasingly popular among consumers because of its many purported health benefits, but how long will CBD oil last? Before you purchase any CBD product, it’s important to know how long the product will be useful and effective. Read on to learn more about CBD shelf life and what you can do to make your CBD oil last longer.

How long does CBD last?

The typical shelf life of unopened hemp extracts is between one and two years. However, once you open a bottle, it only lasts about six months before its quality starts to degrade. Fortunately, almost all CBD bottles have an expiration date printed on them somewhere; just look for one that’s less than a year from your purchase date. Keep in mind that manufacturers aren’t required to print these labels (though most do), so if you can’t find anything, it might be time to switch brands. Also keep in mind that as long as products are stored correctly, they are typically safe until their expiration dates. Still, we recommend being conservative with your use. If a product looks or smells off, toss it out immediately—the cannabinoid concentration could decrease over time or degrade into CBN (as opposed to staying mostly unchanged as is often marketed). 

How can you tell CBD is past its expiration date?

Simply put, you’ll know when CBD has expired because it won’t be effective. Some telltale signs you can watch out for include changes in flavor, smell and color of your CBD tincture or oil. You may also notice a change in taste; some people report a bitter aftertaste from oils that have gone bad. Once you know what you are looking for, checking each month will become second nature to stay on top of freshness. And note, if you store your CBD products in a cool, dark place, they should last longer. But keep an eye on them regardless. This is especially true if your supplements come in plastic bottles. Heat causes chemical reactions which reduce shelf life even further and compromise quality. 

How do I know my product is fresh?

It’s tough to know exactly how long a product has been on a shelf. Most manufacturers will use best-by dates for their products, but these can vary depending on location and store storage conditions. There are some pretty good rules of thumb that you can follow as a consumer though: The closer a product is to its best by or expiration date, the less effective it will be.

A darker bottle protects against light exposure; make sure your CBD oil doesn’t come in contact with light or heat during transportation or when stored away from direct sunlight. Bright lights and heat hasten oxidation (the breakdown of chemical compounds), which results in less-effective oils. As always, you can always trust Verma Farms to use the freshest, natural ingredients in our oils, gummies, and more.

How should I store CBD?

A great deal of research has gone into determining CBD’s optimal storage conditions—and for good reason! Poorly stored CBD can quickly degrade and lose its effectiveness, which isn’t something you want to risk if you depend on it regularly for pain or anxiety relief. Thankfully, you can follow some simple rules to keep your CBD oil fresh and effective every time you use it.  Keep your CBD oil tightly sealed. When exposed to air or light, oxygen will interact with cannabinoids (including those found in hemp), turning them into harmful oxidation products. To prevent contaminants from degrading your product turn containers upside down when storing them – air should remain trapped inside. Don’t expose your oil to excessive heat. Like other oils, CBD should never be heated. It’s fine if you occasionally warm up a bit by holding your container under hot water for a few minutes, but leave it out at room temperature for extended periods. Excessive heat can cook off valuable cannabinoids like CBD. This happens faster at higher temperatures so try to store near room temperature.